A Story Worth Telling


Story was found by myself on the internet. A nice lady had rescued her from an auction after seeing her at different auctions before. Some how this cute little unpapered paint filly kept ending up discarded. Now this lady had her at her farm but couldn’t catch her and want to find her a good him. Well my close, courageous friend Kelly thought she was gorgeous and we took the trip to meet the little girl. It was a cold and rainy/snowy day and we went out to the paddock to meet her. She was shivering and wet and wanted nothing to do with us. Of course Kelly was hooked, she sees potential in things I wouldn’t give two thoughts to. But this little filly just needed a chance. Kelly agreed to purchase her and have her delivered. Story came to Little Rock (stable that Kelly manages and I board at) and definitely gave Kelly a run for her money. She was a firecracker and very smart, but my dear friend didn’t give up. She would be out in pitch blackness for hours trying to convince this mare to give humans a chance, she constantly told her she wouldn’t be leaving again. Story eventually came around after months and months of patience and perserverance by Kelly. I remember times when Kelly and I would each have a lunge line on Story just to lead her from her paddock to the barn, because she would take off with all her might and well, one of us would usually manage to hang on so Story wouldn’t get away and leave the property. Silly girl. But Kelly gave Story what she needed; time. Time to grow up, time to trust someone other than herself. Story came around and got all the regular foundation ground training Kelly gives and then she eventually went to a trainer and got backed and ridden. I believe Story’s kind trainer said she was the handiest horse he has ever ridden, and thats a lot coming for a seasoned cowboy. Story came home and Kelly was able to enjoy her even more. Over that past year or two you would never have known Story came as a horse that didn’t trust people. She was a truely spirited horse at heart and Kelly never let that die out. I actually had the pleasure of stepping on Story for the first time only 5 days ago. She was so soft and I could tell this girl had oodles of potential. You can probably tell now that I am writing in past tense.

It is with sincere and utter devestation that Story lost her battle with colic in the wee hours this morning. This sweet little firecracker of a horse left this earth far too soon at the tender age of 5. Something had drawn me to this little horse from the beginning. I don’t know what it was but she had a piece of my heart, and now it is broken.
I spent time with Kelly and Story last night after the vet left from his first visit and I really didn’t expect it to be my last time seeing her but I’m glad I did. It is a mixture of saddness that Story has passed and the saddness to think that my dear friend, the nicest, strongest, most courageous person I know lost a close friend and companion from her herd.

Rest in Peace Story, never let that fire die out no matter where you go.


Photo of Kelly on her gelding Sonny and ponying Story


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