Early Christmas

Well Mike has been treated to an early Christmas present. He outgrew his last blanket (Rhino Plus by Horseware) so I splurged and got him a Rambo Supreme. Horseware blankets are all I use. They are on the pricey end but the fit, quality and overall appeal are high above any other. These blankets NEVER rub anywhere, especially on the shoulders. They are cut perfectly so they move with the horses movement. Think about a blanket you might be using that notoriously rubs your horses shoulders, sure it rubs off the hair which isn’t attractive but think of the restriction it must be causing for that hair to rub off. No thanks! I have used all lines of Horseware blankets on a number of different sized horses and not once has a horse gotten a rub. Another plus is NO LEG STRAPS! These blankets are so well designed that all they need is a simple strap that goes under the tail above the hocks to keep the wind from blowing the blanket up. I don’t know about you but leg straps seem dangerous, movement restricting and probably pretty annoying to the horse. I’m not much of a preacher when it comes to tack and equipment but these blankets are worth their weight in gold, seriously. The higher end Rambo line run around $350-$450 CAD but some people have had theirs for 10+ years. I used to work for a retailer selling these blankets and I still truely believe they are the best blankets on the market. If you have any questions please ask me!


@horsewareblankets #horse #equestrian


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