Just Ride!

Just Ride!

Lately I have been getting 2 or 3 rides a week on my boy, which might not be many for some of you, but for me with a 9 month old at home, it’s a lot.

It is amazing what consistency can do for training. Before I was getting a little frustrated with how Mike was coming along because when I was only getting one ride a week or even less and every time I got on we had to do a full refresher of everything before anything new could be attempted. Then, by the time we were done refreshing everything he knew he was too sweaty and tired to really give anything new a chance do to being unfit.

Lately however I have been getting out more and every ride I put on him now is great. We have little grievances but nothing that can’t be resolved and every ride has improvements from the last. This has really given me some motivation that I always tend to lose in this rotten weather so it has been really liberating.

I have my wonderful husband and sweet little boy to thank for letting Mommy escape a few times of week!

So, if you’re in a slump and not really motivated, trust me when I say “Just Ride!” Get 2 rides in or more if you can and you will immediately see improvements in both yourself and your horse. Quality and consistency truly is key!


One thought on “Just Ride!

  1. I totally agree! Last summer, I rode Nazir nearly every day and we made some huge progress. I love these moments when my body remembers more and more the position it should have, without me doing anything. And how all human-horse interactions are so fine-tuned. Nothing better than ‘just ride’!

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