This is a photo of my parents farm back in Ontario. I’ve been a little home sick lately, it’s happening more now since I am Mom. Being 3400+ kilometres from your family is hard as my son hits new milestones but skype has made things a little easier.

The homesickness mostly comes from missing the farm and everything it has represented my entire life. It has always been a happy place for me, a place to go where the world just slows down. Where sitting outside on a warm evening and listening to the corn grow can instantly relax you. And of course looking outside to see my horses only 200 metres from my doorstep.

I often say that I am glad to be boarding my horse out here, which I am at this point of my life because it gives me the peace of mind that someone else is feeding and checking in on him. But one day, when my son is older, both my husband and I would really love to be on an acreage of our own. I want to wake up in the morning and have my coffee while looking out at my horses.

Just thinking of it brings me peace. It’s good to have goals.


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